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Corona rules

Closing is helping to save lives!
this is a very harsh statement, but yes at the moment, this is the only thing that seemed to be right to do.
Several rules were decisive for us:
  1. only 1 outside contact per family (please reduce your contact to the absolutely minimum)
  2. No contact sports at all for Brussel & Wallonia
  3. Even in Vlaanderen, the density rule is getting tighter, 30m2 per person (60m2 for a couple)

We hope, you also will support the rules, even if it is tough to accept.
We are alive, healthy, we have a nice warm home, food, safe drinking water and for most of us also a job...  
We will have to learn to live with this virus, so may be we have to take the challenge
and reconsider our habits

Please stay careful and healthy
Good news
Nobody got infected during a dance class. The 3 cases that were reported to us, did not spread in our classes. All followup tests were negative!!!!!
So yes our classes were held in safe conditions.

What happend ?
We had three persons tested positive (the last results came in on 14/10), but it is sure the dance classes are not the source. This is why the authorities did not oblige us to shut down, but we decided not take any risk and to suspend all classes until 20/10/2020.  At Poséidon we will close until 02/11/2020

Please help us all, and keep us informed, if there is any case of a positive test, so we can make sure to break the contact chaine.
All notifications will be treated anonymously.

Doctors criterias are clear :
There are 3 major aspects to determin the grade of risk:
  1. How long are you in close contact with a person
    (more then 15 min is considerd to be a risk)
  2. Are you wearing a mask all the time
  3. Could you keep the distance of 1,5m at all times

In our classes we keep the mask on all the time and we do respect the 1,5m rule as good as possible, for the few moments we give an instruction to a couple or a student, it is considered to a very short contact. So there is very low risk to get infected at our classes.

Interesting links
For Brussels and Wallonia (Lutgardiscollege and Poséidon)
It is very clear that all indoor contact sports are forbidden. Until now no exception for Brussels and Wallonia.
For Lutgardiscollege we are teaching under the rules of Auderghem Brussels.
For Vlanders (De Kam)
We are a sport organization member of Danssport Vlaanderen:
Since 16/10
  • persons living together and the one in the close bubble are allowed to continue their dancing activites.
But with strict rules,
  • keep distance between couples of 1,5m at all times
  • For moving dances (all standard dances + Samba and Paso Doble, Argentine Tango) we have to count 60 m2 for one couple (or 30m2 per person)
  • Static dances 10m2 per person (for example cha-cha, rumba, jive, charleston, mambo, Salsa, Bachata, Swing)
Our safe dancing rules:
  • small groups. (density rule)
  • keep always a distance of 1,5m
  • wear a mask also on the dancefloor
  • stay home when you are sick
  • come in time
  • register for every lesson (always have your membercard with you)
  • report your absence by sms to 0496 50 90 83
  • youth classes are dancing seperate until dancing with a partner will be allowed again1)
  • use the different entrance and exit
  • wash & desinfect your hands
  • desinfection between classes
Our teachers are asked to keep the classes calmer so it is possible keep the masks on.
Though we recommend to have another mask for leaving the class.
1) For the youth classes we started the year with solo dancing and for this age group we will keep on doing it, until we are allowed to change it. For the Monday and Friday beginners, we will if necessary work in 2 shifts, so distancing is assured also for moving dances.
keep the mask on the dancefloor
Skylight Dance Club asbl vzw goe
e-mail: skylight.danceclub@skynet.be | gsm: 0496 50 90 83
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