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Abschlussball Galaball 16.06.2018

An unforgetable evening in at Salons Mantovani.
It is a Saturday evening and in order to have as much dancing as possible we will already start at 18:30

Frequently asked? For the answers please scoll down

What is the programm?  

Please click on the button below

Do I need a dancepartner?
As the number of boy and girls is very unbalanced this year we worked out other solutions for the showcases. A special rehearsal plan has been established to make sure everybody get enough practise. Please make sure to keep to this plan very strictly.

Where can I find my gown or suit?
Please have a look at the button attire

Why does it take place at the Salons Mantovani?
Ideal location with a very big parket floor at reasonable prices

What is included in the price?
aperitif, cold buffet, dessert, soft drinks, free parking, and the whole ball programm

Other questions:

Why do juniorclub dancers also pay for the ball?
The yearly fee only covers the danceclasses and the preparation classes to the ball. We cannot cover ther galaball with annual class fee!

Do I need to participate in the Galabal?

No you are not obliged. However it is a very experience to follow the whole programme including the ball. Foreign Universities still do have the tradition of galaballs and for your professional life, you might be invited to represent your country, your profession or your company at a galaball event

Are the parents joining us?

Yes. This ball is hold as an formal event where the participant will present the confidence and poise they have achieved in dancing and during the formal dinner event

Only one parent can join me? / Parents dance

Sometimes important agenda issues will be problem and only one parent can accompany the student to ball. However it is better for the dancer if at least one can come to show him/her the apreciation for the effort to come to the dance classes for a whole year.
We do not hold a special dance with the parents any more. But if you wish to have a dance with you daughter or sun, then please take the time to practise at least once with them at home. Your daughter or son will be delighted to show you what they share their skill with you.
Anyhow we plan enough time for the parents and students to dance on this really beautifull floor of 200m².

Crash classes for parents with dance experience can be booked as private lessons. (Max. 3 couples they should all have the same level)
Prices and booking please by sms to 0496 50 90 83

Can other family members join us?
With pleasure. Take care that brother and sister should be dancers themselves, so they can really participate in the ball.

How to get to the Salons Mantovani?

How to register ?

You will receive an official invitation per email, including a registration form. Please fill this in and return is by email. However if you cannot find back the form we added a registration form just next to this text block.

Can we book a table?

For practical reasons it is easier that the dancers are seated at their own tables.

All other guests have to make groups of 10 or 12. Please give your table a name. Then mark the table name on the registration form. These tablenames will displayed to cards at the tables. Make sure you are not seated at more then one table.

Can a junior club student dancers also come to the ball alone?

For all debutants and students under 18, you need to designate a person who will take the responsability. Please send us an email. The Skylight Dance Club cannot take any responsabili or legal liabilty.

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