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Ballroom, Salsa, Swing, Arg. Tango, Solo, Basics 4 couples

standard latin dancing
Ballroom Classes
The most classical dance class consisting of training
  • 5 latin dances
    • Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive
  • 5 standard dances
    • Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slowfoxtrot, Quickstep
The big variaty makes it interessting and challenging at the same time.
The goal is to achieve harmony in the couple even in complex figures.
Dancing is helping your posture, your self esteme and trains brain and muscles at the same time

The classes are built up in an annual scheme, though we work in modules (3-4 lessons) for each dance.

Recovering classes
As the beginners and intermediate classes are taught on wednesday and sunday, you can always recover a missed class. Please let us know if you wish to join both groups.

The classes are held in English, German, French and/or Dutch according to the majority of the participants.

Participants without a partner please contact us.

Ballroom Beginners

Sundays 20:30-21:45
Wednesdays 21:00-22:15

Freetrial Lessons
11/09 at 20:30 & 14/09 at 21:00

We start from the very basic.
Will learn basic variatios of Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Cha-cha, Rumba and Jive  

Working in modules
Working in modules means that for 4 weeks, we work on the same dance. Then we switch to another dance, keeping the previous one in rehearsal mode for about 15 min of every lesson. The first module usually starts with 2 dances.
Questions? Get in touch!

Ballroom Intermediate

Sundays 17:45-19:00
Wednesdays 19:45-21:00

Freetrial Lessons
11/09 at 17:45 & 14/09 at 19:45

For dancers with 1 or 2 year of experience:
  • you followed our beginners class or one year of ballroom classes in an other club or school
  • you will discover Slowfoxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Paso Doble and Samba as new dances
  • and discover short new variations in the other dances
  • also here we work in modules for the main dance, about 45 minutes
  • 30 minutes is to repeat and practise the dances already achieved at the beginners level
  • You are always welcome to join the beginners level for extra practise

Questions? Get in touch!

Ballroom Fans advanced

Sundays 19:00-20:30

Freetrial Lessons
11/09 at 19:00

Advanced = Sunday Hobbygroup 1,5 h:
  • you did follow our intermediate level or you have 3 or more years of dance class experience
  • The class is devided into 45 minutes latin american dances and 45 min. standard dances
  • the choreographies are more challenging can only be mastered with good technique
  • so the focus is on refining the dancing skills on all levels
  • in order to help you practise we also recommend the coaching class on Fridays

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Ballroom Coaching

Fridays 20:00-21:00

Freetrial Lessons
09/09 at 20:00

  • for intermediate and advanced dancers
  • adults, juniorclub, solo and couples
Drills and excercises all around dance technique
  • the aim is to focus on one technique in one excercise,
  • then to apply it in the figures
  • we will also touch subjects like floorcraft, how to avoid colisions on the dancefloor
  • becoming a stronger solo dancer means to be a stronger couple

Questions? Get in touch!

Technique & Choreography

Thursdays 19:45-21:30

Freetrial Lessons
15/09 at 19:45

  • for intermediate and advanced dancers
  • adults, juniorclub, solo and couples
High level choreographies in Latin and Standard
  • and the secrets behind them
  • focused on mastering complexe figurations and coordinations
  • mostly solo
  • excellent for dancers attempting medalltests or competition

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Open Practise

Fridays 21:00-22:30

First practise
09/09 at 21:00

Practise is the key to success
  • open to all dancers adults, juniorclub, seniors
  • music will be adapted to the dancers present
  • you can always ask the dj to help you
  • practise is free for all members with annual class fee
  • all others 3 € per participant (if you are coming from another club, you will be asked to pay the annual membership)

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Rock / Swing
Has so many different styles
4 count single swing as basic, the american hustle, West coast Swing, Boogie, to Lindy Hop just to name some of them.
As wide is also the variaty of the music it covers. From Swing over Big Band, rock & roll to modern Popmusic
Tiffany our new teacher comes from America and she is the expert for all these styles.
The programmes are progressivly built up over the whole year
Skipping a lesson should not be a problem, as there will personal coaching and pratise time built into the classes.
Every lesson will conclude with a little video session. Please note that these videos are strictly for your personal use, do not share them anywhere please.

Rock Swing Beginners

Mondays 19:00-20:00

Freetrial Lessons
12/09 at 19:00

Basics first
  • 4 count single swing
  • learing to coordinate steps to the music
  • leading a partner in basic pattern
  • you can dance to all modern 4 count pop music

Questions? Get in touch!

Swing Intermediate

Mondays 20:00-21:00

Freetrial Lessons
12/09 at 20:00

From Single swing to Hustle
  • for dancers with about 25 lesson or 1 year of experience in this style
  • refining your skills in the 4 count swing
  • devellopping it into the much more dynamique hustle
  • for all lovers of the sixties, Tiffany will also introduce a triple step swing

Questions? Get in touch!

Lindy hop beginners

Mondays 21:00-22:00

Freetrial Lessons
12/09 at 21:00

Fan of Swing and Big Band music
  • this is your style, from slow to fast, from simple to challenging, all is possible
  • starting from the very basics, excellent for newcomers
  • your teacher Tiffany comes directly from the USA, so she knows Lindy inside out
  • on facebook we published a little video

Questions? Get in touch!

Salsa & Latino
cuban rhythm, latin atmosphere, fun of life, all of that is part of Salsa music.
Salsa is the "street dance" in whole latin america. Different styles has been develloped.
LIesbeth and Marc will introduce you some Puerto Rico style Salsa.
With their systematic way of teaching you will soon dance impressing combinations
Salsa Intermediate

Tuesdays 20:00-21:00

Freetrial Lessons
13/09 at 20:00

  • for dancers that have about 20 lessons expierence in this style
  • you will learn more complicated combinations
  • you will refine your dancing, improvisation, partnering skills

Questions? Get in touch!

Salsa Beginners

Tuesdays 19:00-20:00

Freetrial Lessons
13/09 at 19:00

Every lessons starts with a little solo warm up, called the shines. Then you will learn basic combinations and their variations. The lessons will be concluded by a video overview of the practised elements.

Questions? Get in touch!

Argentine Tango  
A very intemate dance. The partners keep their focus to each other. As it is mainly based on improvisation, each dance even to the same music, will be unique. The main key to success is developping partnering skills from day one. This is a fantastic experience and a wonderful world to discover.
Argentine Tango Intermediate

Sundays 16:45-17:45

Freetrial Lessons
11/09 at 16:45

You did a basic class and know you wish to discover more. Refining the basics and adding special elements.Developping you Tango instincts. Learning to characterize, classical Argentine Tango, the Tango Waltz and the Milonga.

Questions? Get in touch!

Argentine Tango Beginners

Sundays 15:45-16:45

Freetrial Lessons
11/09 at 15:45

We are starting from the very beginning walking. Then developping simple basic movements and combining them to little combinations. Always giving you plenty of time to practise to music.

Questions? Get in touch!

Discover Dance Solo

Tuesdays 21:00-22:00

Free Trial Lesson
13/09 at 21:00, Lutgardiscollege

in collaboration with Ballroom by Tiffany, right from the USA
Solo dance class, focusing on ballroom elements in fun choreographies to entertaining music;
Your detox moment of the week, no partner needed.

Class fee

Basics 4 couples

Wednesdays 18:45-19:45

Free Trial Lesson
14/09 at 18:45
Ideal basic course to prepare for any social dance ocasion, also a good preparation for a wedding dance
An introduction to Disco Swing, Social Foxtrott, Blues, Mambo, social Waltz...
Basic steps and some introduction to how turn as a couple and how to turn the partner.
With special attention to rhythm, footwork and lead and follow to achieve a harmonious look when dancing together.
The class is broken down to modules of 3-5 lessons for each dance.

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