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Practise at home
Here some tips to keep up with dancing at home:
  • schedule your dancing moment, always the same day(s) and time(s)
    a routine is easier to follow, it becomes a habbit as your classes
  • start with your favorite dance
  • repeat the basics
  • look up your videos (organize them by dance and level)
  • break choreographies into little bits
    practise always one aspect of it (the steps, the directions, the timing, the position to your partner, the bodyactions and dancing it you music)
  • repeat and add a bit
  • even if you practise alone it will be very helpful when you are dancing again with a partner
  • note questions or unclear details (what is the new of the figure, I always loose balance at a certain point, what is a better technique)
  • we shall be very glad to help, contact us by sms, or whatsapp 0496 50 9083 or email jayasree@skylightdanceclub.be
Skylight Dance Club asbl vzw goe
e-mail: skylight.danceclub@skynet.be | gsm: 0496 50 90 83
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