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Followers looking for a leader
Ladies looking for a dancepartner
Leaders looking for a follower
Gentleman looking for a lady dancer
Let your wish come true. We are providing this safe area to search for a partner. We only publish anonymus profiles. Please contact us, if you wish to be listed here.
Latin competitor 001
I am 1,60 m latin masterclass competitor
looking for an ambitious competitive dance partner
aged: 18-30 years
If you are interessted please fill in the form below
ballroom beginner 002
Hi dancers I am 1,60 and looking
for a dancerpartner for
a beginners social dance class
age 25-40 years
Please fill in the form below
Ballroom Beginner 003
Lady ballroom beginner, fit and motivated, 1,58m, looking for a partner to join a ballroom beginners class
aged 40-60
Please fill in the form below



What style are you already dancing? How many lesson did you already follow? What is your competitive level?

Whiches classes do wish to join? (group or privat lessons)
Partner to practise ? Do wish to compete?

Skylight Dance Club asbl vzw goe
e-mail: skylight.danceclub@skynet.be | gsm: 0496 50 90 83
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