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Workshops are short modules for a specific dance or technique
We are proposing workshop and short modules throughout the year and during the summer holidays
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Viennese Waltz

Possible any time if you are at least 3 couples or 6 participants

Is the most traditional ballroom dance. All formal dance events are opened with a viennese Waltz and the Viennese Balls are very important society events.
We designed a new special class for this dance. 3 Modules of 4 lessons for beginners

Module A:
Pendulum Basic,
Quarter Turns to Right
Change Steps

Module B:
Pendulum Basic
Lady underarm turn to right & left
Veleta forward
Veleta with Turn

Module C:
Pendulum Basic
Quarter Turn to Left
Veleta backwards & with Turn

Monday's at 20h, first module starting 28.09. 20h
4x 1h 65,-€ per couple         
4x 1h 35,-€ per participant (if you come alone)

You can start with any of the modules even if you are a newcomer in ballroom dancing. In january 2016 we will start a second set modules which we will treat half turns to right and left as well as different possibilities of switching from right to left.

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