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Open Practice sessions

Easter Practise

29/03 20:00-22:00 Lutgardiscollege
02/04 14:15-17:15 GC De Kam

Friday open practise 21:00-22:30

every two weeks, starting from 08/09
open to all members of the Skylight Dance Club vzw
There will be music for all standard and latin dances, (Salsa, Swing, Lindy and argentine Tango on demand)
Lutgardiscollege, rue de la Sablière 2-4, 1160 Brussels
  • It is free for all members that payed annual or semester class fees
  • for all others 3,00 € p.p.  

Tuesday 15-17h Senior club

Senior Club Tuesdays
guided practise 14:30-17:15

Special Easter Practise 07/04
With a touch of yellow

We are open from September to end of June
De Kam, Beekstraat 172, 1970 Wezembeek-Oppem
All dancers that are free on tuesday afternoons.
Tuesdays we meet for a nice dance afternoon.
We start with a dance class from 13h30-14h30 and then from 14:30-17:15 there is an open dance practise for all levels
A Skylight Dance Club teacher is present to advise you with all your dance questions.
All dancers must be members of the Skylight Dance Club vzw.
  • practise only pass
    10x practice = 40  €;         new 5 x practise=20 € (mini practise only pass)
  • dance pass senior club
    Tuedays 1h dance class + guided practise
    10 x classes = 50 €;       new 5 x classes = 25 €

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