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Jayasree and Marc

Jayasree and Marc are the dynamic duo, who founded in 1997 the Skylight Dance Club, your go-to non-profit organization.
They are certified teachers and proud members of
  • BULDO (Belgian Union of dance teachers)
  • VTS (Flemish sport trainers academy)
  • Danssport Vlaanderen (Flemish Dancesport Federation)
  • TSTVeV (German national danssport trainers association)

Their illustrious list of trainers includes: Sascha Karabey, Tony & Amanda Dokmann, Felix Castillo, and Olivia Yuchen (current))
With an unwavering passion for movement and commitment to continuous growth, they teach in multiple languages (DE, EN, FR, NL) to create a vibrant and inclusive environment where everyone can find their rhythm.


Angelo is a 10-time Belgian Champion Pro Latin & Show Dance.  
He is a certified BULDO (Belgian Union of dance teachers) teacher and competition adjucator.
Since he has retired from competition he is focusing on teaching, coaching and organizing internationally renown dance camps for competitors.
Together with Felix Castillo they are training competive couples and solo dancers of all levels.
Angelo is known for his patience and precision with students whether they are a beginner or an experienced dancer.

Usually Angelo works in the Hasselt area, so we are glad that he agreed to come to Brussels to teach at the Skylight Dance Club.


Viviane is the heart and soul of SKDC.  She started dancing with Jayasree in 1999 and then obtained her certification as a dance teacher at Danssport Vlanderen.
Viviane teaches with lots of humour and patience.  Get ready to be uplifted and inspired as she cheers you on the dance floor.

Marc and Liesbeth

Young, enthousiastic dance instructors for Salsa. Their lessons are very well structered but still entertaining.

Private lessons

All teachers are available for private lessons.
For more information please contact us at

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Tiffany has returned to Washington DC and will come back to Greace in 2024.
We had a wonderful time with you. We wish you and your family all the best. Whenvever you visit Brussels, your dancers will be happy to meet you.

photo van Peter Testelmans
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